Loading, Please Wait

The basic concept of the "game", if you can call it that, is one of a loading screen simulator. You press play and wait for the given program to load. You watch as the loading symbol animates over and over. You click on the screen in various places but nothing happens. After a long while you start to wonder if it will ever end. No matter how long you wait it doesn't seem like the program is even responding anymore, just that never-ending animation. Did it freeze? Is it broken? Is this what was intended? Is there anything more?!

Loading, Please Wait has a few secrets hidden beneath it repetitive veneer just waiting to be found. But with next to no input and a meticulous system keeping track of everything you do, how exactly do you find them? Or do you just sit and wait for something, anything, to happen?

Loading Features

A short and sweet feature list, for this madness:

  • 11 loading screens of CoaguCo projects and references
  • 1 hideous background track
  • 253 background processes
  • A few secrets

Loading The News

Loading, Please Wait - Phase 1 Release

Today we release Loading, Please Wait… a loading screen simulator.  On the face there isn’t really much for you to do but sit and wait for the loading screens to end.  Somewhere in the background, the system watches what you do and records it all.  After a while you realize that nothing is happening. Or do you just think that?

You can snag this time-sink over at Itch.io currently!

What secrets will you find?  Probably none but, rest assured, they are in there somewhere.

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Loading The Change Log

This is the official change log for Loading, Please Wait.

Version 1.0.0 [ 06/17/17 ]

  • Added: new console toggle button
  • Added: key distribution function
  • Added: more secret console commands
  • Added: three new loading screens
  • Changed: upgraded to Godot Engine 2.1.3
  • Fixed: statistics saving glitch
  • Fixed: console not dumping to log
  • Fixed: crash when breaking up time
  • Fixed: crash due to console commands